This page is to build a list of presentations and other content that I have created.

  • Coaching Opposing Sides : Large Scale Lean Program management – a Transformation Journey.


  • Estimating is NOT planning: Humans are simply not good at predictions.

This is a video from recording of my talk at Keep Austin Agile 2016 conference. I could not have planned it better, with a fire-alarm going off in the middle of my talk just before I was to get into uncertainty. Glad that we were able to comeback after the false fire-alarm and finish this session.

  • Why Estimates make me Frown? : Estimates anchor benefits and guarantee concavity- inverted U-shape outcomes.


  • Swarming: Demystifying swarming and challenging the status-quo of disengagement at work place.


  • IPMA Conference, WA state Executive Forum Keynote. Introduction to Scrum and transformation strategies


  • Scrum Gathering 2012 presentation with Valerie Morris on Coaching Smells.


  • Agile2008 session presentation with Tom Perry on Swarming and self-organization.

  • Agile Basic Measurements, webinar for VersionOne with Halim Dunsky. Slide deck is available below, if you’d rather hear me and Halim speak to these slides, access webinar here.

  • Keeping Product Backlog Healthy, webinar for VersionOne. Slide deck is available below, if you’d rather hear me speak to the content click here.